Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Salads and Cereal, Oh My!

I am already feeling so much better.  It is amazing what a relaxing weekend and some deep thinking can do for you.  The bike ride last night kind of kicked my butt, but I enjoyed every second of it and I am feeling blissfully sore this morning.  Not super sore like I did a serious power yoga class but I can tell my legs are happy with me.

If you have a Zoe's Kitchen near you, I recommend it.  My salad last night was wonderful.  Their Greek salad is served over this delicious potato salad.  It sounds a little weird, but trust me it is good.  The salad was a tasty 10 weight watchers points plus.  I also got an order of their tomato bisque soup which I will be having for lunch today.  Zoe's has all their nutritional information online so it makes it easy to order and stay on track.  My bowl of soup is 7 points plus.

On to another important topic...cereal.  Did you like Cinnamon Toast Crunch?  I used to love it...not just as a kid as an adult too.  I was on the cereal aisle yesterday and I was wanting some Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Instead I picked up this.

Holy cow!  It tasted just like I remember Cinnamon Toast Crunch tasting only SO much better.  It didn't leave that sugary film in your mouth.  Do you know what I am talking about?  The serving size for Cascadian Farm Cinnamon Crunch is 1 cup, compared to the 3/4 cup serving size of the other.  I had 1 1/2 cups for breakfast this morning which came in at 4 weight watchers points plus (without the milk).  For the same amount of Cinnamon Toast Crunch it would have been 7 points plus (without milk).  I like this math and I liked this cereal so much better.  So if you ever find yourself in the same type of situation on the cereal aisle, you know what to do.  :)

Okay dish...what is your favorite cereal?


  1. Gotta be the classic: Honey nut Cheerios! Or Raisin-Nut-Crunch which can't be found in every grocery store, despite it being from a major brand(Post) and it's a bit expensive, but oh so good! Bran flakes, raisins coated with a crushed almonds, and slivered almonds. It's like fancy Raisin Bran.

    1. Oh, I must look for Raisin-Nut-Crunch...that sounds very tasty.


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