Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was a working weekend, but we had fun.  We got some painting done, some patching and some tile laid.

Supervisor Sammy was on the job.
Here is the kitchen tile.  I like it even more laid out on the floor than I did when I picked it in the store.

We move this coming Sunday.  Yikes, we still have lots of work to do.  The goal will be to have the kitchen tiled and the spaces for the appliances painted.  The washer/dryer comes Saturday so that will be installed and we will have the fridge back in place, I will be happy to have it off the sun porch.  We have resigned ourselves that will be moving in with an incomplete kitchen, but hopefully in the next month we will finish it out.  We will not have counter tops or a sink installed when we move in, but we will have to make due.

"This tile not straight."
I got another room painted!  This is another bedroom.

I just need to finish out the trim and ceiling.  Progress!

Happy Monday!  Do you have a super busy week planned too?


  1. good luck with moving! I just helped my sister move and remembered why i dislike moving so much....

    1. Well we can remind you again on Sunday!!! LOL


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