Monday, April 16, 2012

Holy Chobani

I have always heard good things about Chobani yogurt, but I hadn't tried it for myself until today.  Holy cow is it delicious!

I wish I had tried it sooner, it is SO creamy and not too sweet like some yogurts.  It is a little more expensive which is why I hadn't tried it before, but it was on sale this weekend so I picked up a couple.  I am glad I did.  If you have not tried it, find a sale, buy you some, eat it.  You will not be sorry.  I had the non fat apple cinnamon flavor which was 3 weight watchers points +.

When I logged my weight online yesterday I got this notice.

I love that notice!

Have you discovered any awesome new to you foods lately?


  1. Hey, Ema!

    A fellow Em here, from Chobani. :) We're so glad you gave us a spoon finally! Our authentically strained yogurt is made with only natural ingredients.. and only the best. Happy to hear you were able to find it on sale! Email me directly and I'd be happy to hook you up with another offer.

    Thanks for this post!


    Emily Schildt
    Digital Communications

  2. Congrats on the weight loss this week....good numbers!

    I just found out about Frank's HotSauce. I thought they were all the same...boy, was I wrong!

    1. Thanks Dawn! My husband LOVES the Frank's hot sauce too.

  3. congrats on the weight loss, I'm still figuring out how to cook it but recently tried quinoa, very good side dish....i also made brussel sprouts for the first time...they smelled up the house which K didn't like but they tasted good!

    1. I love quinoa! I like to saute zucchini and onion and toss it with it as a side. I also love brussel sprouts...have you tried roasting them?


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