Thursday, June 30, 2011

Painting Date Night

I had so much fun with the girls at Van Gogh and Vino that I signed my husband and myself up for a class at Pinot's Palette.  I had a gift certificate that I had purchased in a silent auction at the BRAtober event I attended, so I figured I would take my husband on a unique date night.  He was a good sport when I suggested going to paint.  We both had so much fun, I recommend it for a cool date night!  He wasn't the only guy there...there were about 6 men in total.

When you sign up for a class at Pinot's Palette you can look at the calendar to choose which class you want to attend.  We chose a class with an original painting by a local artist called Fabulous Company.  We have a blank space in our kitchen above our wine rack that we we were hoping to fill...that is if one of us painted a display-able version.  What a cool bonus, right?  Only one way to find out if you can drink and paint, pack up some wine and go.  We headed out to dinner before our painting class and tried a new place by us called The Queen Vic.  It was pretty great, I must admit.  We split the meat kabobs and they were delicious.  They had a great beer selection which Daniel was very happy about.  Their wine selection was okay, but not extensive.  I found a nice Sauvignon Blanc to enjoy...what better to order before going to a class to drink wine and paint?

Great start to date night
When you arrive at Pinot's Palette they have a kitchen type area with a large wine bucket for whites, lots of glasses and openers.  Your first step is to put on an apron and open a bottle.

The artist was great, she was funny and helpful.  She takes you through the steps to paint your masterpiece.  I took pictures as we went.

Background and bottle outlines, done!
Bottles colored in, check!
Daniel at work

My progress
I like that they encourage you to choose your own colors and put your own spin on the art.  We stuck close to the artist's color scheme since it matches our kitchen.

Giddy on wine couple with finished art
And whose art, you might ask, now graces our kitchen wall?

I didn't have the heart to tell Daniel's his belonged in the den.  Kidding!  I thought we both did a great job, but neither of us will be considering a career change.  :)


  1. Both of the paintings turned out fantastic! That is so neat to have your own artwork on the wall in your home. Love it!!

  2. Yes!! So happy with it...makes me smile.

  3. That is too cool!! Both of you did a great job and I love the artwork! so colorful. I been wanting to try this and now I will. I think I will be a better painter after a few glasses of wine!


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