Monday, June 13, 2011

My First 5K

On Saturday, June 4th,  I walked my first 5K.  It was awesome!  First of all, we had a beautiful morning; and in Houston during a record setting high temperature start to the summer that is HUGE!!  Don't get me wrong it was hot out there, but it wasn't very humid which was great.  I picked up our packets the day before, which I was happy about so we had no need to rush in the morning.  My friend Kasey and my husband walked with me.

The start was at Marmion Park on Heights Boulevard, which was a very cute park and it was packed with runners and walkers.

Cute gazebo with hard working volunteers.
Packed park with people stretching.  Look!  Our shadows!
We got started walking a little after 7:30, the line up for the start was slightly chaotic, but relaxed.  There was a man announcing that runners should be at the front and walkers at the back...I think we were all a big mix; we were dutifully standing at the back of the pack, but there were still runners around us.  The man did make sure to continually remind us that the balloon framing the start line was not as wide as the street and we should be careful.  I suppose they have had trouble with people running into the huge yellow and blue balloon in past races.  We had no accidents.

Here we go!
It took us almost an hour to walk the course, which was an out and back around the median in the street.  We could see the front runners headed past us toward the finish line about 20 minutes in, we all cheered for them.

Nearing the finish line with my BFFs.  See the large yellow balloon in the distance?
It was a great way to spend the morning.  I should have eaten something before the race.  That was a huge oversight on my part and I will not make that mistake again, but luckily my body did okay.  We went for breakfast tacos after the race...yum egg whites and potato on corn tortillas with salsa!  Delicious!


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