Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Van Gogh and Vino

There is an awesome organization called Charity Chicks Houston and their mission is to help other charities raise money or secure volunteers for projects and events.  You may remember me blogging about their October event BRAtober which benefits a different breast cancer research organization each year.  They had an event this month benefiting Houston Area Women's Center that they called Van Gogh and Vino.  Basically ladies were invited to sign up for an art class at a wine bar and proceeds were donated to the center.  Nice!

I got together with some friends and we went.  Our challenge?  Have fun, drink wine and paint for a good cause.

Have fun, check!

Drink wine, check!  Paint?  I'll try!
There were lots of fun chicks in attendance and it was a very good time.  We even turned out some pretty good artwork.  I am happy to say that I thought outside the box and came up with my own color scheme.  Go me for being different.

The classroom

Our art - mine's the blue one
And can I say I loved this table?  Who wants to help me drink enough wine to make one?

My next wine/art project!

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