Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fostering, Part II

The husband and I are fostering this awesome dog named Wags.  Old news, right?

She has been with us since the middle of September and it should come as no surprise that the longer you work with and love a dog the more attached you become to said dog.  With that attachment comes protectiveness.  That stands to reason right?  I will be interrogating any potential adopters about things like their abilities to snuggle for extended periods of time and their Kong stuffing prowess.  Be warned people, I am a protective foster mom and it will be brutal.

It is very important to me that everyone know how lucky they would be to have this special little critter in their lives.  She has a super fun personality and Wags' future parents will be blessed to have her.  I made this little slideshow to share with anyone interested in meeting Wags.

Wags is a fantastic, fun girl.  If you would like to meet her, contact Red Collar Rescue at  I promise I will be nice while questioning you.

You can read part one on my feelings about fostering here.


  1. Okay, that just broke my heart to think that you will have to let her go. If I have a yard and a house, I would adopt Wags today

    She is such a sweet, special dog, that deserves only the best family. You have to make sure her adoptive family will treat her as good as you guys have!

    1. That's why there will be lots of questions about snuggling & Kongs. Lol

    2. hope you find a home soon for her-love dee x

    3. She is supposed to meet a family this week!


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