Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nashville Part One - Gaylord Opryland Resort

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I just returned from a conference/vacation in Nashville.  I love Nashville.  The conference was held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort which is amazing.

Inside the hotel
The resort is composed of 3 sections, each section has an enormous indoor area that looks like it is outdoors.  It is really very neat.  This is our second stay at this resort, both times we have combined my conference with a short vacation.  This year the conference was Sunday - Wednesday, so the husband flew to Nashville on Wednesday and we stayed the weekend to enjoy ourselves.

My conference - great one if you are in higher ed and use PeopleSoft
In all honesty, if we had booked the hotel on our own, we probably would have stayed downtown.  We find that we venture down there more than we visit anywhere near the hotel, except the Opry of course.  The hotel does have a shuttle that takes you downtown on the hour during the day and on the half hour past 5:00 PM,  but there is a charge for using the shuttle.  My feeling is that the shuttle should be included in the price of your stay, especially since one of the drop off points is a place owned/affiliated with the hotel, but that's just my opinion.  Either way the shuttle costs you less than a cab ride which is a fixed rate of 25 bucks one way.

Now back to the beauty that is the hotel.

We took our picture in front of this waterfall 6 years ago on our first trip together.  Here is our new version...a bad self portrait.

The hotel has a boat tour in one of the sections...I would never take it, it costs $9.50 for adults and sounds pretty boring, but it was cute to snap a picture of.

sell out boat tour

As with many resorts the food seems much more expensive than it is at restaurants outside the resort.  The food was delicious though and there was a sushi restaurant that seemed to have pretty comparable prices to those in Houston, so we were impressed with that.

Just walking through the hotel I saw a lot of plants I had never seen before...like these flowers.  I totally want to plant some.  The resort is amazing with it's indoor nature...I definitely loved that part.  We did discuss and wondered about the electric bill for a month at the resort...all of the indoor space is comfortably air conditioned.  Their bill must be crazy!  Their water bill might be high too, but this dancing fountain is super cool.

Dancing Fountain
In short, the resort is impressive and with a conference rate I am happy to stay there.  If I was booking on my own, I would skip on this hotel and stay downtown.  Downtown Nashville has live music all over the place, everything is within walking distance including the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Ryman Auditorium (the original home of the Opry).  The Grand Ole Opry is around the corner from this hotel, so I would plan to have dinner and explore this hotel on the day I had tickets for the Opry.

In house news, the husband and I did some good work last night.  We got the second to last load of donations loaded up (I will be dropping those off at lunch time), we got a bunch of trash hauled off, and we got most of the rest of the floor pulled up in the kitchen.  The only parts left are those that are under appliances.  We will be moving those out of the kitchen today and finishing the last of the floor.

Dinner was healthy last night!

These fresh rolls had carrot, avocado, lettuce, cucumber, and imitation crab.  They were delicious.  The glass of wine was much needed after all the hard work!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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