Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Recap 2: Good Food and Good Beer

Outside of packing up, making a donation run and buying boxes, we kind of took a break from the house this weekend.  We did a little relaxing.

Saturday during the day the husband and I went for some lunch and darts in the Rice Village.  They welcomed us on the chalk board.

Okay, yes, that is a type of beer, but it is still fun to have your name in chalk!  We played one game of darts over lunch (I won) and then we took a nap. 

After the commotion from this post, we went and tried out an awesome new bar in Houston.  It's called The Hay Merchant.

They have a gazillion craft beers on tap.  Yes, really that many.

And they serve them in the correct glasses...and if you're a beer snob like the husband or the brother-in-law that is important apparently.

I thought the Tulip glasses were super cute!  So they were important to me.  Priorities.  :)

The food was awesome...chicken and sausage gumbo...delicious!

And they had one of the coolest dart setups I have seen in a long time.

In short...if you live in Houston, you should try this place.  I really liked it!  Let me know when you are going...so I can come too.

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