Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Relaxing Weekend

What better way to follow an 11 day work week and an upgrade weekend?  A super relaxing weekend.  My husband planned the best timed birthday/congrats your upgrade is over weekend!!  He asked me 3 questions...would you like a massage appointment?  (Let me think, hmmmm...yes!!!!)  Do you want to have lunch at the winery I found near where we are staying?  (Ummm...gee...okay.)  Would you like me to cook dinner on Friday or Saturday...I'm taking you out the other night.  (Let's go with Friday.)  Tough questions...and the extent of my planning assistance.  Love it!

So we left Friday morning after dropping Sammy off with my mom.  We went straight to Flat Creek Estates Winery in the Texas Hill Country for lunch...what a smart husband I have.  It was beautiful!

The winery was so cute!  Here are a couple of pictures from their website.  The left picture is the room we had lunch in (over by the windows) and the wine on the right is the red we liked the best...Super Texan 2009.

Our favorite white was the Bucking Horse White...also super delicious...and Daniel who is mostly a red wine drinker also liked it...so that was nice.  Oh, and lunch was delicious also!!  It was a three course lunch with wine pairings.  :)

The we moved on to Lago Vista and the condo where we were staying for the weekend.  Can you say nice view?

We sat out at the cute table on our balcony taking in this view and enjoying a very quiet happy hour with pleasant temperatures and a breeze and boats zooming (or meandering) by.

Daniel got busy in the kitchen and we followed happy hour with dinner on the balcony.  So relaxing and peaceful!  I brought some candles from home, so we had candle light as we enjoyed the sunset and evening.

The next morning we willingly slept in and then took a stroll around the condo resort.  I love the rock formations around the lake.

After our walk we went for our couple's massage appointment.  It was delightful and followed by mimosas! We moved on to a late lunch on the water where we had some very pretty lunch companions.

We ended the evening on the balcony of the bar/restaurant at the condos, again watching the sunset.

All in all a fabulous and regenerative weekend!!  Thanks Daniel!!


  1. I need a relaxing weekend like that! Can I borrow your husband?! lol Looks like you had a great time.

  2. It was awesome!! Sure you can borrow him for a small fee!! HA!


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