Thursday, April 21, 2011

BirthDAY - DAY Off!

My birthday is the April 11th and this year it was a Monday...ugh, Monday Moanday.  It also happened to be the Monday after the weekend my husband had planned for me in the Texas Hill Country...I couldn't go to work on a Monday after a nice weekend like that...especially not one that was my birthday!  So, I took the day off.  My husband had to work, poor Daniel.  :)

I intended to sleep in, but of course didn't.  I was awake at regular time, but instead of rushing out of bed and doing chores and getting ready for work, I simply got some coffee, got my book and my pup, Sammy, and got back under the covers.  I stayed there until I finished my book.  Nice!

It was fun hanging with Sammy for the morning.  She was a birthday present herself two years ago.  Daniel brought her home to me as a surprise.  Here we are that afternoon in 2009.

She is the present that keeps on giving.  I think she was enjoying the relaxing too...she sure looked like she did.

It was great to have a day off where I could get some things done that I wanted to get done.  I had no big plans and nothing scheduled for a specific time and it was AWESOME!!!  After coffee Sammy and I did a nice long workout walk.  Then I took some items I had for donation and dropped them off at Goodwill...Daniel later told me it looked like I had been robbed since my trunk was so empty (very funny).  I took a package that needed to be returned to to the UPS store (it had also been riding around in my trunk) and stopped at Spec's and got a wine that I love so Daniel and I could toast my relaxing birthday when he got home. 

I picked up some sandwiches and Sammy and I went to my mom's house to enjoy a relaxing lunch.  We had Antone's poboys...delicious...not Antone's poboys you find in your grocery store...the original Antone's, from the location in the Rice Village.  There is a difference.  I don't know the official history, but apparently when Mr. Antone died there was a dispute about the family business and one member of the family does the grocery store poboys, which are not the original recipe with the orange chow chow, and another Antone does the sandwiches in the import store/restaurant.  If you do not believe there is a difference you should get one of each and check it out...there so is a difference and the grocery store one, in my opinion, is not worth the calories.

My mom gave me this fun watch...she lovingly refers to it as a glitzy watch.  She has a big red one.  This one's purple even though it looks black.

After lunch with my mom I went to the car wash and had my car detailed.  I had promised myself I would do that once my car was paid off and I finally got it done, happy birthday to me! I won't mention that I paid it off in October...6 months it took me to get this done.  Sheesh!

After the car wash I went home and installed my doggie hammock in the backseat.  Sammy rides back there all the time and it will be nice to be able to fold that up and put it in the trunk should I want to give anyone a ride and not have them exit my car with a hairy behind!

Daniel got home around 6:15 with roses and we had some wine.  I love that guy.

It was a perfect birthDAY - DAY off!!!  How do you like to spend your birthday?

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  1. sounds like a great birthday! I took the day off for my birthday too, great way to treat yourself!


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