Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

The highlight of my weekend was on Friday evening when my friend Liz and I went to visit our friend Arianne in the hospital.

Arianne, Erin, me, Stacy

I blogged about Ari in this post and this one asking for prayers.  She suffered a brain aneurysm back in mid-May and she has had a long road getting to where she is now.  You can read about that road in this blog if you are interested.  Long story short she is lucky to be alive and it was amazing to see her on Friday.

Her birthday was last week, so her room was still decked out for the celebration.  She is rocking a Sinead O'Connor hair-do and she looks gorgeous.

We were told that the aneurysm effected the part of her brain that controls speech and to be prepared for her to talk slowly and have trouble with her words.  Well, I don't know if it is Ari's hard work, great therapy, or simply her love to talk; but compared to what I was expecting she sounds fantastic!  Yes, she had some trouble with some words, but she knew what she wanted to say and with a little patience she got those words out and she did it with a smile.  Such inspirational strength!  It was awesome to hug her!

She told us all about the therapy dogs that have been visiting one a great dane and one a Sammy impersonator.

I told her Sammy was not trained to do therapy, but I would bring her over any time she wanted puppy love.

The best news from our visit?  Ari might be going home TODAY!!!  Yay!  I know she is ready.

Ari's friends have planned a benefit to help her pay bills.  This pesky old aneurysm happened during a time when Ari was without health insurance, so the bills are going to be crazy.  If you wanted to help you can make a donation through the blog or purchase raffle tickets for the benefit.  The big prize is a cruise!

Ari still has a long road ahead of her, but we are so thankful to have her with us.

Ari has gotten back on Facebook some lately.  I saw that she liked this picture the other evening.

True Story, Ari!

She is.

Love you Arianne!

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