Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Treasures from the Clean Out and More Good News

As we are cleaning out the family home to prepare for DIY projects and moving in April we are finding lots of fun treasures along the way.  Over the weekend my mother and I sorted through tons of linens, some which were hers and some that had belonged to her mother....many of them with hand detailing.  The hand details were amazing.

Look at the cut outs.
I thought these pillow cases would look great with out new bedding.  I was right.

I think the denim pillow is on the way out.

At the opposite end of the spectrum from antique linens, check out my new office decoration that I found last weekend.

Nice right?  Yellow unused floppy disks in a yellow IT office.  Fantastic isn't it?  But wait it gets better...

Yes, I am a nerd...I am still okay with it.  To fully embrace my nerdiness, I might tie a cute ribbon around them.

Now for my good news!  I got a promotion.  It was unexpected and I am very pleased.  I know my good fortune comes to me because one of my awesome co-workers is leaving...he is moving to Austin.  I have learned a TON from him and I wish him all the best.  I will miss working with him. 

My promotion comes about a month and a half after the husband received his.  We both got our good news on Mondays...maybe we should like Mondays better!

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