Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Future Doesn't Change the Past

Good morning!  Rebecca and I knocked out two miles this morning and afterward I got a lot of chores done in my house.  I am feeling very energetic today!

As you know I am very much looking forward to moving at the end of April and I am already planning all the projects for the house that we should get to start at the end of this month.  Well, the new bedding came yesterday!

I decided that we should go ahead and try the bedding out so I put it on the bed last night.  During all my chores this morning I forgot to take a picture of the bed all made up, so you will have to settle for this terrible one from last night.  It does show the detail of the stripes though.

I like it.
With all this looking forward and excitement about the future I spent much of the day yesterday thinking about the past.  You see yesterday was the 13th anniversary of my father's death.


Some years this day comes and goes and all I feel are happy thoughts for how blessed I am to have had this wonderful man as my dad.  And some years I feel a lot of sadness.  This year was one of the sad years.

My dad was there for every important event that occurred in me and my sister's lives while he was alive.  And even some of the not as important ones, like all of our soccer or softball games.  He was our biggest fan, well one of them...hi mom.  :)

1987 - with my sister
I know that some things in your past are moments you grow from and then wish to forget.  Our pasts are what make us who we are today...all the bad parts and all the great moments as well.  Hold on to those great is how those people who really touch our lives continue to live on in us.

Love you Dad!


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