Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Strong Am I?

On Tuesday our office kitchen looked like a trick-or-treater exploded in it.  I am not kidding, candy and cookies galore.

Kit Kats are my fave.
I know this since I got to look at it all while heating up my lunch.  Good times.  I am happy to report I resisted the temptation.  I had no candy...or cookies for that matter.

Hello more Kit Kats
I know that indulging in a piece would not kill me or ruin my week, as long as I accounted for it.  I just chose not to indulge.  It seems that I am stronger in my resistance when I have had a good weigh in.  I am feeling extremely motivated and good about my progress right now, that I didn't want to risk having even one piece (since sometimes one turns into two, then three...).

Do you feel like you are more motivated when you are making good progress?  I am pretty sure if I had had a bad weigh in on Monday I would have a few pieces of candy on my desk right now.  Anyone else have that problem?  It is a vicious cycle.

Not to mention I am getting closer to my 10 pound goal which comes with this reward.  I would rather have these awesome shoes than 10 pieces of candy.



  1. Good for you for resisting. I know it can be a hard thing to do! Those shoes rock! They will be yours soon...I know it!

  2. They will be mine in 1.1 pounds!!!


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