Sunday, September 12, 2010


My niece is turning 11 next Saturday.  She is turning into such a young lady and I am loving it, even while I 'm trying to figure out exactly how it is possible for her to already be 11.  Time flies.  With her new found maturity she is starting to like more grown up things so for her birthday I have created her some jewelry.

First two bracelets made with glass beads on Stretch Magic 1 mm jewelry cord.

Then I decided she needed an even more grown up bracelet, so I created another glass bead bracelet, but this time with wrapped loops using 24 gauge non-tarnish silver wire.

I didn't want my sister to be too jealous, so I made her a drop for her neck wire.  It's a large stone bead and a small glass bead on 20 gauge non-tarnish silver wire with a sterling silver bail.

While I was on a roll, I decided to fancy up some pony tail holders; for these I also used stone beads and 20 gauge non-tarnish silver wire.

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  1. those bracelets are SO CUTE!!!! she will love them : )


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