Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to Reality - Vacation Recap

The husband and I spent last week in Dauphin Island, Alabama.  What a gorgeous place!

We had nothing on our agenda besides relaxing.  It was a much needed break.

Sammy and Bauer made the trip with us and they loved being beach bums.

Bauer and Sammy being bums.

This was Bauer's first road trip with us and he did great!  On the way to the beach he did a little whining in the car, I think he wasn't sure why we were in the car so long.  As long as I reached out and pet him he'd settle right back down and sleep.  On the way home he was quiet and cozy the whole way.  He's a good boy.

He and Sammy did some good car snuggling.

While we were on vacation the husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary (and the 7th anniversary of the day the he proposed on an Alabama beach).  Romantical!

I got a little blue box containing a beautiful necklace with a W on

Good work husband.  You are too good to me.

In the middle of the week my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces joined us for beach fun.


Look how gorgeous my girls are!  My sister had the great idea to hire a photographer to get some pictures of all of us on the beach.  Obviously I took some pictures while this was happening too.

And a few selfies.


Bauer loved all the snuggles from his cousins who adore him.

Our boy is definitely living the good life now.

View from the deck of our house.

This was our first time to stay on Dauphin Island and it was wonderful.  The town is a very lazy beach town and the beach was not at all crowded.  We rented a house from Boardwalk Realty and they are fantastic! They really take care of their renters and make it super easy to check in and out. Our house was right on the water and it was very reasonably priced for a week at the beach in the middle of summer.  We will definitely go back!  In fact, can I go now?


We made many trips to Skinner's Seafood to pick up fresh seafood to cook.  They had wonderful freshly caught seafood and it was all delicious!  If you are ever on the island and want to cook some fresh seafood you didn't catch yourself, go see them and they will hook you up.  Lol...hook you up.

I hope your week was half as fun and relaxing as mine!

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