Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blogs and Birthdays

Happy Wednesday friends!  Now that I am back at full speed after 6 weeks of surgery recovery and then a fabulous Italian vacation I am ready to concentrate back on my goals of getting in shape and being healthy.  I am back in the gym and my food choices are back on track!

The extra fabulous news is that the husband wants to join me on this journey and possibly do a little blogging of his own.  So, we decided to launch a new blog, Wells Live Well.

We are still under construction on the new site, but I will update you when we are live!  All of my recipes and weight loss posts will migrate over to that site and Ema's Grand Ideas will be my spot for crafts, decorating, and style.

As I have been working on the new blog site I have been contemplating lots of fun motivational quotes that I have seen out and about in social media.  The one that has taken up wallpapering my phone is this one.

I. Love. It.

And finally Happy Birthday to my dear friend Roberta...

Have a lovely Wednesday friends!!


  1. That's awesome that your husband is joining in on the fun! My husband runs everytime I mention blog. LOL!

    1. I was surprised he wanted to join in! I am betting I will be blogging more than him, but even if he does one post a week I think it will be awesome!

  2. Hey there Emily! So glad for your full recovery my friend! Congrats on you and your husband starting a blog together...YAYY for you! must post pictures!! Thanks so much for linking up...have a wonderful rest of your week Emily!

  3. love the new blog name, I'll be watching. K is getting on board too!!!

  4. Love the new blog name my friend. And happy birthday to Roberta!!


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