Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A View From the Floor

I have degenerative disc sounds a lot scarier than it is.  I think disease is a very strong word, it doesn't cause me sickness and the meaning of degenerative implies that it will continue to get worse over time, which isn't necessarily true.  I can tell you that my discs are weaker and do cause pain from time to time, one of those times is now.  Several years ago I had a fully herniated disc, one that my doctor wanted to operate on, so I know the kind of pain that can cause.  The signs of the beginning of a herniation are engrained in my mind, so I know when my back needs a break.  The best way to give it a break?  Take the pressure off of it.  The best way to do that?  Take to the floor!

I lie on the floor with my legs elevated, usually on the sofa, and this removes pressure on my lower back and gives it time to heal and rest.  It is rather boring, but it works...and provides an interesting the time to study the throw pillows on the sofa.  So glad I got some new ones for spring.  Love them!!  They are so happy.

Daniel is here keeping me company and not laughing at me too much.  Actually he is taking very good care of me, as are my colleagues at work.  I feel the love.

I am having a Bones marathon on that show.  I wish they already had the next season on streaming!

Sammy is super excited...she is thinking this is her lucky week.  She is bringing me toys, nesting on my quilt and sharing my pillow.  She is thrilled. 

I can't say that I'm thrilled, especially when she decides to smother me with kisses, but I am starting to feel better and I do have good company down here.

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  1. interesting perspective!!! it is Sammy's lucky day!


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